Molekule: The Bedtime Hero

We have heard it many times before that getting your full eight hours of sleep can help improve energy and help a person function better throughout the day. It can be impossible to get quality sleep depending on a person’s work schedule and level of stress. A lot of people don’t know this, but not only does work schedule and stress level ruin a person’s sleep pattern, there is also the way a person’s bedroom is setup and the quality of the air in a person’s home. Bad air quality in a home and bedroom can lead to waking up with a stuffy nose and uncomfortable sleeping habits.

Molekule Air Purifiers help clean the air while during resting hours and helps best for people who wake up in the morning with stuffy, running noses. Molekule Review comes in four different sizes: Air Mini ($399), Air Mini Plus ($499), Air ($799), and Air Pro ($1199). This particular air filter is different from other air filter in the market in that it has a PECO filter, which stands for Photo Electrochemical Oxidation. PECO uses free radicals, the same radicals used to kill cancer cells, to oxidize pollutants.It is no wonder this air filter has thousands of 4.5 star reviews on its website. According to a review written on, the Molekule Air Purifier is delivered to you in nice packaging and is well protected, easy to set up with the Molekule app, and makes a difference in improving the air quality while you sleep.

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