Stay Vigilant, Says Insurance Expert Peter Vitale

Across Michigan, the number of roadside accident claims overwhelms motor vehicle insurance firms. Most of these accidents do not often happen because of head-on collision or a vehicle involved with another during the accident. Rather, the surge of these cases is as a result of what Peter Vitale calls ‘lack of experience driving during wet conditions’. Driving during winter is not an easy thing especially on busy roads. According to Peter Vitale, even experienced drivers find it hard to balance how they use their feet. White brakes play a vital role in halting the car’s wheels, there are times it is not advisable to rest one’s foot completely on the pedal.

Because of the rise in the cases of victims of roadside accidents, Peter Vitale, an insurance agent, broker, and expert based in Michigan says, “Insurance firms are overwhelmed by the number of motorists who report on the various driving errors during the wet conditions orchestrated by winter season. Overtime, I have seen even the most experienced drivers make grievous mistakes when driving on busy roads.” According to Peter, Michigan roads can be safe during summer but very dangerous when it is snowing. Peter Vitale’s next piece of advice is for motorists to avoid driving on busy roads as much as they can.

Although he understands it may not be viable to many, Peter Vitale believes that avoiding busy roads when it is snowy helps one to take control of his/her car in the event of a jam-parked road. Isolated roads give one the freedom to peddle as fast or as slow as they want and even the freedom to use the brakes without the fear of knocking another vehicle from behind. In recent years, vehicles colliding or hitting each other even when the drivers are at super low speed in Michigan have risen tremendously.

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