Chip Rosenbloom’s Musical Play of “Bronco Billy”

Several years ago, Dennis Hackin, Co-Producer, and writer of the 1980’s film Bronco Bill contacted Chip Rosenbloom and John Torres about a theatre production. Dennis Hackin was interested in Chip and John taking charge in producing a musical component of the film Bronco Bill. The idea was a hit and in 2019, Skylight Theatre Company announced the premiere of the musical. The musical production was been presented to over 100 world premieres with its creative origins: however, with a fresh approach.

The film stars and directed by Clint Eastwood is about a modern-day cowboy struggling to keep his traveling Wild West show afloat. Clint Eastwood plays the main character named Billy. Billy’s difficulty in paying his employees due to lack of attendance ends up putting a strain on their relationships after five years.

The film also has a love story with Billy meeting a wealthy Manhattan woman worth a billion dollars whose character goes by Antoinette Lily. Billy being at the right place at the right time ends up meeting Antoinette at a gas station. Billy convinces Antoinette to become his new assistant, and as they say, the rest is history.

Chip Rosenbloom and co-writer John Torres are responsible for developing the music and lyrics for Bronco Billy – The Musical. Both artists teamed up with Michelle Brourman, who added additional lyrics for two songs. The musical was Rosenbloom’s first production and the reviews of the musical production attested to his mastery. Reviews received ranged from “a premiere musical version” to “a heck of a lot funnier and way more enjoyable” than the original film.