Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Reveals Their All-In-One Platform

Tempus, a precision medicine company founded by entrepreneur and investor Eric Lefkosfky, revealed its new all-in-one platform called Lens. Lens, analytics and cloud-based data platform will provide de-identified clinical and molecular datasets to researchers, scientists and pharmaceutical companies. The goal of the platform is to assist in speeding up the process of drug development and discovery. 


Lens allows users to access Tempus’ data banks to extract or add upon the data in a matter of minutes. Tempus has one of the largest libraries of molecular and clinical data. Through the new platform, users and Tempus specialists can collaborate to reveal novel insights. Users can also use their proprietary tools and add them to the existing data. It is the goal of the Tempus Firm platform to collect data from patient charts, which remains disorganized in existing electronic record situations.


Investor and entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus Pharmaceutical Firm Founder and CEO, states that this is the first time that real-world data is playing an important role in patient care. Is it also having a positive impact on speeding up the progress of drug development and discovery. Eric Lefofsky continues to explain that the idea of scientists only paying for data that they need is revolutionary. This process will eventually save the healthcare systems a lot of money. However, equally important, it will speed up research and allow for innovation to happen at an accelerated pace. 




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