Eterneva’s Program Is Helping The Bereaved Remember Their Loved Ones

Eterneva, initiated in 2017 by Garrett Ozar and Adelle Archer, is a diamond cremations company that helps people memorably honor their loved ones. The company produces diamonds using carbon from cremated ashes brought by the family that has lost their beloved person or pet. To make more diamonds, the company took a step towards expanding its facility. Going by the Crunchbase report, the company received a donation of 1.8 million dollars from angel investors during its seed investment stage in 2019. The company has managed to raise funds amounting to 4.8 million dollars since its foundation in 2016. The new funds were to be used in the digital grief wellness investment and expand the company’s diamond processing. The company has other laboratories in Switzerland and Germany.

According to Garrett Ozar, the co-founder, the company served 500 customers as of 2019. The company’s unique initiative program and journey towards growing this startup got boosting from the firm’s research partnership with Baylor University. It also partnered with several funeral homes and crematoriums to help them digitize their services. The company’s partnership with FedEx facilitated good Chain of custody practices during remains mailing. With 30 staff, the organization served approximately 700 customers, 40% pets and 60% humans.

Eterneva, together with Candi Cann, a professor and recognized grief researcher at Baylor University, researched how anchor helps the bereaved. The research outcome was that the anchor gave those grieving a reminder that the presence of their beloved was always with them. Expanding its executive team was another step that the company incorporated, which saw Rob Kranenburg becoming the Operations’ Vice President. On the other hand, David Sweet served as Vice President of Marketing. The skills acquired by these two members from their previous roles would be used to grow the company.

Eterneva process starts with ordering a welcome kit followed by carbon isolation from cremated ashes. The third stage involves crystallizing carbon on a diamond seed which then goes to the next step of assessing the quality of the diamond. The final process is cutting the diamond done by the experts. With the cut, the diamond would be more sparkling and gorgeous. The company considered this as the best thing they could offer to society.