Inside look into the role and career of Desiree Perez of Roc Nation

An article from Hispanic Executive shares an inside look into Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez, a Hispanic female leading the prominent and powerful company founded by Jay-Z. She describes the label has come a long way from just five employees on the book in 2008. Desiree Perez is widely credited for much of the success of Roc Nation, being one of the five founders and being appointed by Jay-Z to be the CEO in 2019. The businesswoman started her career running a couple of nightclubs and believes it gave her valuable experience in finance and an understanding of what it truly takes to run a business. Something she has brought to any job she has ever had is to do the right thing and the same is done with Roc Nation. The individual was greatly responsible for transforming the company into a powerhouse. At Roc Nation, she served for many years as the chief operating officer of Roc Nation and managed the finances.

At Roc Nation, helping the community remains a big part of what they do, working with not just families involved in police brutality but also setting up a scholarship fund for minorities so they can attend college. For example, she helped out the unfair treatment and profiling of one man who was arrested for going into a mall with a hoodie on. After a phone call and support from Roc Nation, they got the mall policy changed and helped the case be dropped for the individual. Desiree Perez had to figure things out in today’s world with the coronavirus pandemic by scheduling ways to help out artists and produce shows. Being a Latina, she had to fight for everything she earned and wants to be a positive role model for others like her. Perez believes anyone can do more than they think and wants people to come together.