Jesse Willms, Multiple Successful Companies

The appalling entrepreneurial interest of Jesse Willms cuts across various industries. He is an internet marketer, business owner, car history connoisseur, and entrepreneur who has built his profession in Las Vegas and across Canada and the United States. Jesse began his career by running the following businesses:


  • eDirect Selling Software Company


At almost sixteen years, Jesse Willms established his first company called eDirect. The eStore company sold computer software. After the first year, the company had already generated revenue worth $40 million. The company’s massive success is poised for more ways for Jesse Willms, and within four years, he has established other supplement brands worth 22 million dollars, and the sales reached $500 million.


  • WuYi Tea


It’s a supplement brand that Jesse Willms founded that became the most successful within a short time. WuYi Tea is a tea brand that gained a tremendous reputation from massive followers because of its high quality and delicious product. Between 2008-2009, the company had sold as retailer brand products worth over $100 million.


  • Dazzle White


Dazzle White is the second supplemented short-lived brand, but despite that, it has quite staggering revenue generated from the sales of its teeth-whitening products. The sales generated in the sales were over $50 million.


  • Penguin Leads & Car History Group


Jesse Williams changed his entrepreneurial strategies in 2010 by moving away from trading via the internet to focus on information distribution. After two years, Jesse Willms founded two companies; Car History Group and Penguin Leads. CHG aimed at helping car owners and buyers access vehicles for purchase easily. Each month, the site received over three million prospects that showed interest in purchasing vehicles. It also had affiliate websites such as, a research history platform.


Jesse Williams is a dedicated entrepreneur. Recently, he has strived within his free hours to provide for other entrepreneurs resources, support, and strategies that are essential to them in starting up their businesses from scratch.