Michael Capiraso on His Journey In New York

The inspiring history of his voyage with the NYRR

Michael Capiraso shares his story.

Michael is a former CEO and leader of NYRR and recognized as a creative and transformative leader. Over the years, he has been a keen supporter of New York City and its leading culture.

Michael Capiraso had a leadership role in taking highly profile conventional brands to new platforms: CEO, Marketing and Strategy Executive, and General Manager.

He has lead organizations in all fields, including New York Road Runners, the National Football League, and Calvin Klein, that are focused on organizational growth, marketing, networking, and product development.

Previously, Michael was CMO at Cole Haan and renovated the brand and product designed to tap into the high-end market of denim/leisure with promising growth in the Cole, Rood, and Haan subbrand.

Before Cole Haan, Michael served as CEO of PRISM North America, a company that provides strategic, communications, and PR advisory to blue-chip customers. Michael added fresh energies into the NFL brand and the business groups including millennials and Hispanics as VP Marketing & Executive Creative Director of the NFL.

With $200 million in media assets under his control, he has led SBU marketing and partner lists, among which Coors, Visa, FedEx, Sprint, Pepsi, and Reebok.

He has previously been VP at Calvin Klein for all Calvin Klein brands, such as cK, Eternity, and CK Jeans, and was one of the most successful commercial and PR promotions.

Michael studied Film in the 28th successive NYC marathon at New York Univ. Michael is an MBA student.

He formed multi-year relationships with TCS and New Balance, created a Trust for Public Land alliance in NYC to provide playgrounds in schools in under-served neighborhoods, opened the NYRR Run Center, and designed and launched a profitable Virtual Racing Network.

New York Road Runners plays a major role in helping and encouraging others to race.

Anything forms part of the project of inspiring others to run and we love ensuring that many groups of people are invited to meet up and run with others and that they are part of the big running club.

We also had one back and running the marathon – that’s not the final target, but we helped get them into the running sport, and some of them are now long-term riders.

We were so excited to see people run to give them to the city to give kids the chance to enjoy the rewards and enjoyment of running.

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