Robert Bull’s RoyaleLife Starts A Home Exchange Program To Help Retirees

When the pandemic struck in full force in 2020, it was time for entrepreneurs all over the world to think of solutions to their clients’ problems. Yes, the pandemic has helped some great minds initiate programs that are aimed at assisting their clients get a sustainable life now and a better life tomorrow.

One such a person is English businessman and founder of RoyaleLife, a startup whose aim is to help retirees live a comfortable life even as they advance in age. Robert Bull has started a program, which he names Home Exchange Programme (HEP). Bob Bull, as some call him is an optimistic man. Granted, the program has picked up well.

According to Robert Bull, HEP will not stop anytime soon. The only time the program will stop is if it has achieved all its missions. In addition, because people grow and get old each day, the program whose headquarters are at Whitely, Hampshire, will stop soon.

The Ambitious Yet Practical Program

According to HEP mastermind, Robert Bull, who doubles as RoyaleLife CEO, the program does what it says. In other words, retirees are required to exchange their seemingly expensive yet hard-to-live homes for cheaper houses that are fitted with essentials for retirees.

HEP through its maiden company RoyaleLife has built and furnished one-storey bungalows in Hampshire for the oldies. Robert Bull says that these bungalows are what oldies need. “The HEP is a good thing for retirees. Instead of them staying in expensive houses that do not have security, are unsafe and not enough space, HEP is giving all those. The retirees will now enjoy quality life with colleagues and friends inside gated community, with a lot of free space. Besides, our houses are cheaper, secure and safe for our old friends. Here, retirees will enjoy doing all the things they wouldn’t do otherwise,” Robert Bull said. Refer to this article to learn more