Who is Dr. Chris Bummer?

Dr. Chris Bummer is a professor of law and the faculty director of Georgetown University’s Institute of International and Economic Law. Before he was in the faculty of the school, he was the assistant professor at Vanderbilt University Law School. He was also a visiting professor who taught at several different universities. One of the schools that is more known is the London School of Economics. 


Additionally, from the work that he does as a professor, he is also serving as a member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the subcommittee in terms of Virtual Currencies. 


Brummer has a J.D. from Columbia Law School. He graduated with honors and also holds a Ph.D. in Germanic Studies from UChicago. Before he got into pedagogy, he was practicing law in New York and London. Dr. Brummer also is the author/editor of different books. He has contributed to different case studies and academic journals over the course of his time as a professor. 


Here are some of the interview questions that were asked to Dr. Brummer. 


Where did the idea of Fintech Week Come from? 


Dr. Brummer has said that the idea came from the thought of making a place of discussion where people can talk about the policy of Fintech at the heart of the capital. Dr. Brummer hopes that with the platform to get people to talk and discuss what is going on in the business world. 


What does your daily routine look like? 


Dr. Brummer’s day usually contains answering emails and queries that pertain to how people on the market work and regulate around the world. He uses his teachings to help people stay following the law and to practice safe trading. The life of living in DC according to the professor is mainly current events. What is meant by this is the fact that there are people around DC that need to be up to date. 


How do you bring ideas to life? 


Dr. Brummer says that if you think about something, you will only get so far if you do it now and stop pushing for later.