Asot Michael as a Law-abiding Citizen

Asot Michael strives to observe all legal requirements in every undertaking. He struggles to remain a law-abiding citizen in a hostile political environment. He also furthers positive values as a politician. Asot Michael and his values and attitudes remain positive, as opposed to most of his opponents. His press release on claims of snubbing court proceedings proves these points. In the case of a warrant issued against him, Asot Michael clarifies that his legal representative was present. His lawyers, indeed, act on his behalf. 


They form the reason he can concentrate on serving subjects adequately. He delegates legal matters to the representatives to find time to champion the much-needed change. Indeed, the honorable politician has the right to get heard through the chosen legal representatives. Moreover, Asot Michael was taken ill at the time of the proceedings. While he finds no problem attending court proceedings, his sickness would not allow it. Indeed, Asot Michael finds no problem presenting him to court alongside the legal representatives. Therefore, the claim that he snubs court proceedings proves far-fetched and a matter of political witch-hunt. 


The procedure followed in handling the politician Asot Michael the warrant also remains suspicious. The first point of knowledge was social media. The platforms carry many misinformation and disinformation. Indeed, social media never amounts to an official communication platform. Therefore, the summoning court hardly wanted him to learn of the warrant in time. Even if the summon reached Asot Michael’s lawyer in time, it will reach the honorable member late. When the warrant reaches the honorable member late, no one can blame him. Instead, the court would find a faster means of reaching out to Asot Michael. It could e-mail, call, or text him informing him of the existence of a court warrant. 


This situation would prevent sudden confusion that he snubbed the court proceedings. Therefore, the parliamentarian in Antigua and Barbuda remains a law-abiding citizen under political witch-hunt. Despite these challenges, he remains firm in championing positive change for the local communities. Asot Michael vows to continue working towards inclusivity, justice, and socio-economic development of the community. Asot Michael needs the support of the people by participating in development forums, political discourses, and policy formulations.