Benefits of Using the ClearObject’s Object Inspection Model, ObjectiO

ClearObject has developed ObjectiO, a Google technology-powered visual intelligence inspection tool. The tool is helping businesses to inspect damages on their energy infrastructure. Through ObjectiO, companies can identify the damages at an early stage to facilitate necessary corrections. ClearObject has worked with the subject matter and wind turbine experts and operators to develop the visual AI damage inspection tool.

ObjectiO is designed to integrate with existing IT infrastructure and systems. As the user, you will scan and upload the images of the energy infrastructure objects. ObjectiO will analyze the images, displaying the scanned and analyzed results on the screen. An indication of available damages will be displayed alongside the images. Through using ObjectiO, a business will fully manage, operate, and integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Through ObjectiO, ClearObject is helping businesses rise to their full potential through developing a complete comprehension and utilization of visual AI. ObjectiO is beneficial to your business as it helps improve inspection processes. Therefore, through the ObjectiO model, your business will abhor tedious, time-consuming, and expensive manual energy infrastructure inspection procedures.

ObjectiO is designed to display analytical results faster using its API and user interface features. The tool is designed to scan and review uploaded images within the shortest time possible, allowing your team to focus on other activities or tasks.

The projected results by ObjectiO are accurate and reliable. The AI component of the tool leans progressively, improving accuracy. The improved the accuracy, the better the outcome. Apart from displaying the object inspection data, ObjectiO offers model performance monitoring features.

The world of the Internet of Things is growing, and ObjectiO is ushering businesses into a world of visual artificial intelligence. The Visual AI features will, therefore, help you eliminated unwanted operational downtime while enhancing inspection accuracy.

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