ClassDojo Enhancing Teacher-Parent Collaboration through Innovative Educational Platforms

ClassDojo, a progressive education-oriented corporation, is gradually increasing transparency and communication throughout institutions. For instance, ClassDojo affiliated schools have teachers take pictures of students after each phase. Kids then add personalized notes on such photos, a crucial component to their self-reflection. The educational tech corporation serves to connect school teachers, their students, and student’s families.

They have established several vital communication features which transfer video and picture feed from each school day. ClassDojo took videos on several classrooms in their initial testing stages and realized children’s excitement to share their classwork experiences. Stakeholders were interested in their response and noted the concept was an outstanding breakthrough feature. Apart from students’ responses, they also tested their desired tutors’ test group.

Their observation was remarkable, with the teachers excited for the new interactive and student-centric experience. Galen, a San Francisco second Grader who attends Audrey’s class, stated she likes scribbling her story in her photos. Her parents then see her work which sparks conversation within their household. Caroline, a Tennessee-based fifth-grader, utilizes resources the organization offers.

Clarissa Miles stated that the avenues have helped connect her to Caraline better, especially her education. Miles acknowledged that seeing her daughter’s work through the story platforms stirs great conversations that mainly revolve around Caraline’s classwork and daily events. Apart from enjoying the talks that Clarissa Miles admitted are her best daily moment, she believes the forum has better linked her to her daughter’s teacher and Caraline.

She added that she feels they coordinate better, focusing on Caraline’s educational progress and root for similar outcomes. Stephanie Smith, a Tennessee teacher, stated that many parents would realize and appreciate the heightened educational interaction after the program rolls out completely in autumn.

Background Details

Smith added that all encounters with parents had positive feedback, with the guardians excited to monitor kids’ progress. She remarked they also enjoy quick communication established between parents, tutors, and children.

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