How Jason Hope Builds His Empire as a Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is often referred to as a serial entrepreneur. He is looking for opportunities in everything he encounters. One of his biggest areas of interest when he first started on his own was the research behind anti-aging. Today, Jason Hope is more focused on technology and the Internet of Things. He loves that everything is rooted in technology, and now it gives him the ability to expand upon what he is already doing. Hope’s greatest passion is for anything he believes he can invest in for long-term growth. 


Jason Hope


His projects also include his passion for giving back. He has been as charitable as much as he has been an investor. Having earned his MBA at the W.P. Carey School of Business, he also has an education to back up his own research and his reasoning behind choosing specific areas of interest. Jason Hope is a forward thinker. The futurist and successful entrepreneur is always considering where there is opportunity and available markets. New and emerging markets are always his first line of action. 


Fields that enhance wellness and research to further wellness while determining how to stop disease at the source rather than treat conditions with medicine later. One of his most passionate projects is the SENS Foundation. SENS has been conducting research for anti-aging, and how to slow down the process itself. The IoT is now the biggest area of interest for Jason Hope. His draw for The Internet of Things is the fact that it connects so many things. Wireless connections are now the sum of making everything seamless and without complication. Airplanes are now wireless, and wireless connections are everywhere you go. It is no surprise that Jason Hope has invested so heavily into the IoT in the past, and for future endeavors.