The Helicopters of Robinson Helicopter

Robinson HelicopterThe Robinson Helicopter Company was created by Frank Robinson in 1973 to produce the best quality and highly dependable helicopters for a variety of uses.

It developed and tested its first model, the R22, in 1975 at the airport in Torrance, California. The R22 came in a few configurations and did well for the company, gaining the attention of police forces such as Buenos Aires Police.

In 1991, the four-seat model R44 was produced. The company was able to land a number of large orders with the R44, including with Metro News Networks.

In 2010, the R66 was introduced as a 5-place helicopter. It provided even more space than the R44 and R22 as well as higher performance.

The R66 and R44 helicopters are the company’s best-selling models to date. Both types are available in several configurations, offering aerial footage opportunities for news crews and for police forces wanting to perform their duties.

The R44 Cadet is the most recent addition to the Robinson Helicopter fleet. First introduced in 2015, it is aimed at fulfilling the demands for the flight school training market. It is a highly versatile two-seat helicopter that maintains performance similar to a large helicopter despite its smaller size.

Robinson Helicopter

Since its first model, the company’s helicopters are manufactured and inspected in Torrance, California. Robinson manufactures a large percentage of parts in-house and utilizes a highly experienced team to assure the greatest quality and efficiency.

Robinson Helicopter provides a factory overhaul program for older aircraft in addition to new manufacture. Service and support are provided by a global network of over 400 Service Centers and Dealers.