Dick DeVos Is Proud of His Accomplishments

The world is a hugely complicated place. People need help to figure it out. One person who has done his best to help is Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos is noted for many things. As someone who is from a hugely successful family, he has done his best to take the helm of the family’s financial matters. His work includes supervising this fortune in a way that helps others accomplish the goals they have in life. In doing so, he has made the world a better place. He’s also made his own community a better place. He resides in the close knit community of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is where he has made for him and his children. He is the father of four grown children and the grandfather of several more. He wants his kids and all kids to have a better life and a community that is responsive to their needs.


Making It Work


Making it work in every way has been his goal. For him, it is not enough to stand back and let others do the work. He wants to be a hands on supervisor. This is why Dick DeVos has been an integral part of the way that his family manages their fortune. He is very much the thriving force behind the foundation that his family set up to help others. His family foundation works on many worthy causes. Such causes include health care, the arts and many other activities that Dick DeVos holds dear. He has been able to see his own dreams come true as he has helped others. This includes the creation of a hospital named in his mother’s honor in his home town. That’s an example of the kind of caring that he brings with him in his many roles.