Laura Rea Dickey; Top Women In Business And CEO

In an article entitled “Evolve or Fail: CEO Laura Rea Dickey on the Mantra that Helped Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants Thrive”, the Dickey’s CEO discussed how she transformed the company’s marketing strategy, integrating it with the technological innovations of the information age such as big data and artificial intelligence.

For over two decades, Roland and T.D worked to popularize Dickey Barbecue restaurant and expand it to more than one location. Together they established additional restaurants in and out of state in the Dallas metropolitan area. In 2006 Roland Dickey took over the restaurant as the chief executive officer.

Roland worked with his wife Laura Rea to work in the restaurant as a consultant. Laura Rea Dickey worked with a lot of passion for capturing marketing technology and communications. Laura became a crucial asset in the restaurant and was promoted to the position of Information Officer.

During this time, Laura Rea was working as the Chief Information. Laura Rea Dickey collaborated with all the company departments. Laura Rea aimed to change the view of the restaurant staff by giving them the bigger picture of technology potential.

With the company’s constant growth and expansion, the Dickey family decided to demote Roland and promote Laura Rea Dickey as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Dickey Barbecue Restaurant. Under Laura Rea, the restaurant has managed to expand to over 550 locations internationally. With more than twenty years of Laura Rea working the family restaurant, she has managed to transform the restaurant marketing strategy and integrating it with technological innovations and artificial intelligence.

During Laura Rea’s time working as the Chief Executive. The restaurant has become the largest Barbecue franchise. Laura Rea has been very vital in the navigation of the restaurant over the coronavirus pandemic times. She developed a system known as a SmokeStack. The system would help solve the marketing and sales problem by monitoring the sales and analysis of the sales.

Laura Rea Dickey attained her degree from the Texas University. She won several awards during the time she was serving as the Laura Rea Dickey restaurant CEO. Laura’s presence at the restaurant helped integrate marketing with technology to create a data-driven system. Go to this page for more information.


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