Summary of CFO Gary McGaghey

An article from Pwc gives a summary of private equity deals halfway into the year. The year was followed by low-interest rates and a 21.9% increase in deals. Another factor for private equity firms performing well was due to record fundraising. Gary McGaghey is a highly experienced CFO from Esher, England, United Kingdom. The individual has experience working in various markets such as Africa, Europe, Asia, and the US. McGaghey is bilingual, being able to speak English and Afrikaans. He currently works as the CFO for Williams Lee Tag in the UK. Gary McGaghey has also served roles at Robertsons Foods, Unilever, and Nelsons. The individual has completed rigorous education for many universities at the University of South Africa, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Financial Times Non-executive Director Diploma, and Chartered Accountant South Africa. He has degrees in accounting and finance, corporate law, tax, and economics, and a chartered accountant diploma. ECGs, though, are affecting how firms conduct deals and create value for their portfolios. They expect these trends to continue throughout the year. Gary McGaghey has credible experience leading businesses as a CFO. He reported to the senior vice president and general manager of beverage company Unilever and managed stakeholder’s interests. Others have praised Gary for his valuable insight and knowledge of different cultures. He is also described as being able to drive conversations, be professional, work hard, and singled out his ability to work with others. He served in many different positions while at Unilever.