The Musical Bronco Billy

Chip Rosenbloom creates a modern-day musical of Bronco Billy. His partnership with songwriter John Torres allowed them to take a 1980’s film of Bronco Billy, co-produced and written by Dennis Hackin, to create the musical. No doubt of Rosenbloom’s ability as a composer of music and lyrics showed the world what he could accomplish. Theatergoers were delighted with the musical and complimented them with rave reviews.

Bronco Billy the Musical debuted in May 2019 and continued until July 2019, bringing enjoyment to thousands of people who love the theater. The Skylight Theatre hosted the musical in Los Angeles, California.

Chip Rosenbloom with his co-writer John Torres invited Michelle Brourman to add lyrics for two songs for the musical. It was the positive reviews from critics that praised Rosenbloom’s ability to use imaginative storytelling to keep the attention of the audience.

The entertainment world associates Rosenbloom with his well-known and award-winning films and his music talents as a composer and songwriter. Bronco Billy the Musical was created from the Clint Eastwood movie, Bronco Billy, which happens to be Rosenbloom’s first musical production.

The musical play entails the heiress, Antoinette, who has run away from home to avoid her stepmother and her husband who happens to be a less honorable lawyer. Her husband hires a hitman to take care of his problem wife. Antoinette and Billy meet up to bring a disco beat of music to the wild west. It’s outstanding and comical in such a way that it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.