Vinod Gupta Talks about His Career, Philanthropy and Dream

Vinod Gupta’s investment philosophy is also based on consideration for others, though he also enjoys simple pleasures such as a round of golf. Most of the information on his philanthropic work, as well as the general philanthropic philosophy of Vinod Gupta, comes from his TEDx talk, in which he explains his motivation and describes how to make a difference in our world. Thanks to contributions from readers like you, we now publish thought-provoking and interesting articles in partnership with the Giving has had a profound impact on two of the world’s greatest cities, New York City and Los Angeles.

Vinod is the founder of the K-12 Project, which has funded eleven different K-12 public schools in Washington, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Minnesota. He has personally contributed thirty million dollars to the project, as well as pledged a further twenty million dollars to complete two more schools. And in addition to contributing his money and passion, he also encourages other entrepreneurs to give their time, experience, and resources to improving the lives of students in underserved areas.

The modern version of the world’s largest charity movement started with Vinod Gupta’s dream of “breaking the cycle of ignorance” by building the first middle school for children in a slum. During his college years in India, the focus of his studies was business. Yet after earning an MBA from the University of Chicago, he applied his skills in finance and analysis to finding the best uses for charity funds.

Vinod Gupta has donated several million dollars to fund the renovation of three large Brooklyn Public Schools, more than fifty libraries and eight community centers in Long Island City, Queens, and to provide scholarships to disadvantaged students in both New York City and Los Angeles. The first thing that you need to know about Vinod Gupta is that he was born in a part of India that was predominantly Sikh.

His father, having made his fortune in textiles, also saw potential in his son’s ability to create something similar. He recognized that, given the hot, dry conditions in his home town, it would be very hard to establish a cotton mill. So, Vinod went to the United States. He started a business there and he saw this as the springboard to something much more. To know more click: here.