Alexander Payne And His Talks About Film Making

Alexander PayneAlexander Payne, a great film maker explains how awful and upset he gets when watching a bad film. He gives an example of the Con Air film watched years back that he terms as amoral. According to Payne, movie have a significant impact to culture. There are films explaining about culture, violence, immorality, and more. Therefore, when Payne watches movies being made without following the necessary protocols required to come up with one, he feels irritated and upset.

Alexander Payne does not condemn anyone or neither does he stop anyone from coming up with a film. He only advices on the urge to create a film with a message that will educate the world. If not comic, let it have humanity in it. He gives an example of Chaplin who created a movie that made everyone jubilant.

Mr Payne talks about the process of making a movie. Since his childhood, that’s at four, Alexander has always had a passion and interest to become a film director. Often, he would think of the right campus to join to pursue this course. He was eager to join the film school and know how it would be of help in is career venture.

Alexander joined a film school, he was patient enough and it paid. Based on the reports from Payne, the process of film making is quite demanding and it calls for dedication, patience, and perseverance. He realized that he had all it takes to be a film maker. Payne made his first film at 35 and kept working harder to become a film director.

Payne has always had a passion of watching movies since his earl days. He made movie watching a trend. Joining a film school exposed him to what other people with the same interest as him do. It helped impove his skills and experience in film making earning him confidence.

Alexander Payne

Suprisingly, Payne is a film maker however pursued a course in literature and history. A combination of two gives him human understanding of what people do, how they reason, and the manner in which they interect. As a film maker, it is important to know characters and select them appropriately to suit events.