Australia to Invest More Sustainably: An Interview with Vik Bansal

A closed-loop in waste management means waste is not just sorted, but also reused and recycled to produce new products. Not just that; these products are then sold at competitive rates and everyone involved gains. It’s not an entirely new idea; the global closed-loop approach has existed since the 1950s. There are only two potential barriers to change – legislation and resistance from the industries and people involved.

“Cleaner, greener and stronger is the mantra that’s dominating our thinking, but a closed-loop is more than just putting all waste back into the sewer system. We call it a closed-loop system because that’s how we envision it to be. What we do is that we capture all the material that we are able to get in our sanitation plants and, over the last 10-15 years, we have actually created really smart incinerators, where we have started to burn this material in our plant. As a matter of fact, our new Kurnell incinerator is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere,” noted Vik Bansal.

The Australian Government announced that it is giving $250 million to help more than 2,000 university research and education institutions across Australia make more sustainable investments. This funding will go to 38 research and education organisations including universities, research councils and environmental charities. The announcement at a forum on world-leading research and learning at the University of Melbourne was made and organised by the University of Melbourne in partnership with the national peak organisation representing higher education institutions.

The Australian Government has announced various new renewable energy measures to help increase renewable energy generation across the country. With a renewable energy target (RET) policy for the electricity sector, the government is requiring households, businesses, schools and hospitals to transition from dirty fuels to cleaner options such as solar PV.

An industry veteran with at least three decades of experience, Vik Bansal is a change management professional with extensive experience in managing and transforming large organisations. He has a strong track record of delivering strategic business performance in competitive markets, transforming organisational processes and driving growth. Prior to joining Cleanaway Waste Management, he was the Managing Director of the previously listed Waste Management in South Africa. Before, he also held the Managing Director position for Veolia Australia.

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