BeachBody CEO Carl Daikeler Introduces Streaming Content

BeachbodyAn 8-minute, direct-to-consumer workout DVD launched the BeachBody empire in 1998. At the time, Carl Daikeler left behind a promising marketing career to team up with Jon Congdon. They put their all into making the short DVD a success, and their efforts paid off. Today, Daikeler is the company’s CEO, and he continues to play a key role in the management of this $2.9-billion company. Most recently, he was instrumental in transforming the company’s business model and product line, and the move has laid the foundation for a more sustainable income stream going forward.

After the initial success of the short workout DVD, the company gradually increased its library of offerings. One of its more successful videos was P90X. Altogether, however, there are now more than 1,500 workouts included in its library. While the company continued to sell its popular workout DVDs over the years, the landscape was changing. Consumers had access to more content through streaming videos, and they craved more variety. At the same time, fewer people were interested in buying individual DVDs. Carl Daikeler recognized the need for change at the company, and this was how BeachBody On-Demand was born. The on-demand service gives subscribers full access to the huge library of workout videos, and the cost is significantly more affordable than the average gym membership fee. The move solidified the satisfaction of the company’s customer base, and it has produced a new, stable stream of income.

Shakeology continues to be offered in the company’s product line. It has been an excellent complement to the fitness programs because Shakelology drinks are loaded with nutrients and have a filling formula. When used as a meal replacement, Shakeology drinks can boost energy levels to optimize workout efforts. They can also satisfy hunger and may lead to easier weight loss or maintenance.


The company’s robust offerings are rounded out by charitable outreach through the BeachBody Foundation. Daikeler has personally provided this group with $10 million, and those funds have been combined with both corporate and private donations. Funding is allocated for groups like Save-a-Warrior, the International Justice Mission, the NAACP and Upward Bound House.