John Ritenour Looks Back on a 30+ Insurance Industry Career

Insurance Office of America was co-founded by John Ritenour (IOA). This is an international insurance corporation based in Longwood, Florida. In 1988, he and his wife, Valli, launched the company. Over the last 30 years, Ritenour has gone through a period of growth and development.

He was born and grew up in McKeesport, which is a town in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. John Ritenour knows the kind of life the less privileged live since he grew up in a low-income community. He met his wife while in high school. Ritenour started working for a local steel plant shortly after graduation. He was later criticized for putting in more effort than his coworkers.

Because he was looking for fresh opportunities, he was employed at his brother’s bakery. When that firm began to collapse in the mid-1970s, Ritenour shifted his focus to insurance. He began his career as a salesperson. Within six months, he had risen to become the company’s top producer. He and his wife established their own insurance company in the late 1970s.

They eventually sold it and relocated to Central Florida in search of fresh personal and professional prospects. The couple created the Insurance Office of Florida, presently branded as Insurance Office of America, in 1988. Today, it is one of the nation’s fastest-growing independent agencies.

John Ritenour found flaws with the typical company’s corporate structure when he was employed as an insurance salesperson early in his career. For example, the agents’ profits were constrained due to unforeseen commission limitations and adjustments. Ritenour and his wife established a fresh policy for running an insurance agency focused on rewarding hard workers with this approach.

Today, IOA provides sales professionals with the opportunity to earn a limitless amount of money. Aside from that, he involves them in decision-making, which motivates them to work more and more efficiently. IOA’s success during the last 30 years may be ascribed largely to John Ritenour’s management style. He continues to promote these ideas in his company’s workplace to this day.

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