Laura McQuade Leads Planned Parenthood Expansion

Expansion Is Coming

The inevitability of change is the one constant in this world, and companies like Planned Parenthood must also change with the times. With this, Planned Parenthood is making different changes to tackle the needs of the communities that they serve. Communities who rely on them for a myriad of healthcare services. Communities who often only rely on Planned Parenthood as their only healthcare provider. So, these changes and the expansion that is coming are very important to these neighborhoods.

Why Is The Expansion Important?

The needs of the communities that Planned Parenthood helps, are always changing, the pandemic is something that definitely has created new circumstances that Planned Parenthood must address. Laura McQuade understands these challenges and understands why this expansion must happen. It is important because more and more people are in need of these services and cannot get it. To achieve the objectives of Planned Parenthood to help underserved communities, they must expand into more neighborhoods, they must be able to help as many people as possible.

Who Will The Expansion Help?

Who will the expansion help? The expansion will help over 200,000 people, it will employ 900 people and open over 28 locations. These are people who typically do not have the medical services that they desperately need. For these people, this help is invaluable and without it they will be without help that this form of medical industry provides them. So, the expansion is not only inevitable, it is something that is desperately needed by this community.

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