Matthew Fleeger: His Charitability Throughout His Career

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger, the CEO of Gulf Coast Western, which concentrates on gas and oil reserves, is a highly charitable community member. He has pushed the family-based company to its extreme limits, expanding it to southwestern Louisiana and purchasing most of the assets by Orbit Energy Partners LLC in Lafayette. His charitable actions towards the community have not gone unnoticed.

Matthew became a member of the Sadie Keller Foundation, which gives sick kids toys during the holidays. Sadie Keller once had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia before fully recovering. While in the hospital, she made friends with sick kids who spend most of their time confined to a room rather than the playground having fun.

To bolster such kids’ spirits, Sadie created a toy drive which was a tremendous success. The charity captured people like Matthew Fleeger, who initiated a friendship between the Sadie Keller Foundation and Gulf Coast Western. The relationship between the two is non-corporate, but there is a combined effort to run its theme and ensure its ultimate success.

Gulf Coast Western strengthened Sadie’s program by growing it from its origin, the Children’s Medical Center Dallas, where Sadie was admitted, to 11 more hospitals around the area. It helped transform Sadie into an advocate, public speaker, and patient activist.

This company is involved in many charitable events, including the North Texas Food Bank, which helps families undergoing a crisis. It can be in the form of job losses, reduced hours of work, or medical emergencies. The North Texas Foodbank helps feed children and families undergoing unanticipated hardships.

It’s president led his company to partner with charitable foundations such as Smile Train, Shriners Hospital, Magdalene House, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Most of these organizations target kids having difficulties in hospitals, homes, and families going through hard times.

Matthew Fleeger


Matthew Fleeger provides more than just financial support for these charity organizations and programs. He is a significant figure in the community who follows up to ensure that the foundations are successful and effective. He has mainly focused on Sadie’s idea to help kids battling cancer have a more bearable time at the hospital.