Qnet: Direct Selling Contributing To Economic Growth

Qnet is one of the largest direct marketing companies globally, with a presence in over 130 countries and territories. Qnet has been providing opportunities for people to work from home since 1992, when it was founded by Founder-Chairman Dr. Qureshi Qasim Ahmed Sheikh Qureshi (also known as Q Net). Qnet provides people around the world with an opportunity to make their own Qnet business a success. It has helped transform the lives of over 100 million families in more than 130 countries and territories by providing them employment opportunities and financial independence.

Qnet’s contribution towards economic growth

Qnet, the direct marketing company, has significantly impacted economic growth in countries like India, which is an essential contributor to employment and other opportunities. QNET’s contribution towards fostering entrepreneurship can be witnessed through its entrepreneurial development programs that include Q-Academy, Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP), which are offered globally with over 100 QNET Centers in 130 countries. The company has fostered entrepreneurship by providing employment opportunities, financial independence, and other means of livelihood to over 100 million families globally.”

How Qnet’s Direct Selling Works

Direct selling is the sale of products or services directly from person to person without a third party. Qnet has been in this space since 1993. Qnet’s business model is based on direct sales, and it operates as an eCommerce portal to offer its members’ purchase options such as QNet e-Store, QNet Q-Point, Qnet Direct, and Qnet Distributors.

Membership with Qnet is free of charge for the first three months. After that, it costs just AED 100 per year to retain membership status as a QNet member, regardless of any further purchase made on the site during that period.

QNET is a multinational direct selling company, with its headquarters in Dubai and operations across the Middle East, Asia Pacific region, Africa and Europe. The Qnet network has more than 60 brands that offer products for every segment of consumers, from children’s wear and kitchenware to health & beauty, electronics, jewelry, and much more. Qnet is a leading direct selling company globally, with over two million members across 122 countries worldwide. Go to this channel on YouTube, for more information.


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