Ross Levinsohn and Maven Bolster Sports Illustrated’s Revenue

Ross LevinsohnWith more than 36 years of high-level experience in the digital media realm, Ross Levinsohn is intimately familiar with the extensive challenges that the industry faces. More than that, he has been instrumental at evoking positive change at many of the leading entities in the business over the years. This top executive is CEO at Maven today. Notable previous positions have included Interim President for Yahoo!, President for Fox Interactive Media, Vice President of Programming for CBS Sportsline and Director of Marketing and Production at HBO. Through these and other positions, he has done his part to transform the industry. This has most recently been evidenced through his work with Sports Illustrated.

In 2019, Sports Illustrated entered into a $110-million agreement that granted its print and digital rights to Maven. As a result of this agreement, Levinsohn was placed in a direct position to evoke change. Like so many other media companies, Sports Illustrated has been challenged by the wide availability of free online content over recent years. However, Ross Levinsohn has played a key role in turning things around at Sports Illustrated. Specifically, under his leadership, Sports Illustrated now offers its readers subscription-level access to early-release and premium content. Through the monetization of digital content, Sports Illustrated’s revenue stream is now more capable of remaining robust going forward.

Notably, Sports Illustrated is one of more than 300 brands that are served by Maven. A few of its many other well-known clients are, Ski Magazine, Maxim and more. These are only some of the brands and entities that Levinsohn has been associated with. For example, he has worked for Tribune Publishing, Whisper Advisors, the Boston Consulting Group, Thryv and others. He has also been affiliated with Dick Clark Productions, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Daily News and numerous others.