SeaWorld and Disney Make Great Strides for Conservation

Seaworld and Disney decided recently to work together in order to help with Environmental conservation through the Florida Coral Rescue center. Orlando has quite a few famous theme parks in Florida, and two of the companies behind these parks, Seaworld and Disney world have decided to work with other government agencies such as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to help preserve Florida’s endangered coral reef.

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The result of this is support for the Florida Coral Rescue Center, which is located in Orland, Florida. It’s an effort to preserve the coral colonies that live off the coast using the help of experts. The organization is banking genetic information from many local coral animals, as well as preserving whole coral reef collectives to help safeguard them from SCTLD, or Stony Coral Tissue Loss disease which is killing off a disproportionate amount of coral species including star, starlet, pillar, and many other corals.

The Rescue Center has an expert setup for lighting, filtration system, tanks, and other equipment to help keep rescued coral alive before they could be hurt by conditions in the wild. Many were brought to the center in March of 2020 to make sure they were preserved. Without the help of Disney and SeaWorld, it’s likely that these pieces of coral would be lost. Much other coral that hasn’t been rescuing is dying in the local Floridian waters as it is, after all. Much effort is going into preserving the corals through constant monitoring and tweaks to equipment conditions. SeaWorld and Disney want to prevent the loss of coral for future generations so that many people can continue to enjoy them, including continuing into the future.

The Stony Coral disease is already ravaging Florida’s coastline and more needs to be done to prevent the permanent loss of this type of sea life.

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