Why is Eduardo Sonoda a Banking Guru?

Eduardo Sonoda is one of the global banking intellectuals who has played an integral role in the evolution and development of the banking sector. In 2018, He took up the role of Chief Executive Officer and General Manager at Quintet Capital SA. When the Coronavirus hit the world, the banking sector played a crucial role in supporting the economies of different countries. Bankers like Eduardo Sonoda came up with innovative solutions in liaison with the International Monetary Fund to try and mitigate the effects of the pandemic. The solutions raised are aimed at creating an equitable and sustainable community. It is also important to note that the virus is among the other many threats to global economic safety.

The solution to these problems is safeguarding banks through contemporary solutions. It is essential to train employees in physical and mental welfare to ensure external challenges insure them. In the operations department, leaders such as Eduardo Sonoda have incorporated technology to reduce the cost of production. The transformation reduced human contact during the pandemic and reduced the cost of human labor. The pandemic also compelled the leaders to achieve strategic value through such policies as tightening lending during the initial stages of the pandemic. Given that the banks had accrued financial stability over the years, they had control of the money flow.

Banks also had to create new models of risk control. Most were undergoing credit losses hence the need for business continuity plans and conduct risk. Information on the dangers they were facing became vital. Another potential threat was cybercrimes where hackers tapped into the financial systems of the banks to extort information. Most bank leaders had to innovate solutions such as the construction of firewalls to prevent access by cybercriminals. To raise their profits, bankers extended the scope of their niche into such fields as small and medium enterprises. Small businesses posted higher traffic of activity as people reduced extravagant spending and spent more on the basics. Much as banks were among the most insured sectors during the pandemic, there is still much that bank leaders can innovate to prepare themselves for more intense crises.