CFO Gary McGaghey at Williams Lea Tag

Chief Financial Officers are playing a vital role in companies at this time. Many businesses are looking into possible changes because of the current pandemic. Many CFOs have positive expectations about the future of companies. They are focused on using technology innovations to improve organizations.

One CFO who has worked hard to help organizations is Gary McGaghey. He has tremendous experience as a Chief Financial Officer and is a private equities expert. He began his career in the 90s and worked as a CFO for several companies. He is currently the Group Chief Financial Officer at Williams Lea Tag.

Gary attended school at the University of South Africa and the University of Natal. He was able to obtain two degrees in commerce. Gary McGaghey also studied charter accountant and charter management, accountant.

Gary values working with a team to help him achieve goals. He frequently plans and discusses his ideas with his team. Their feedback and ability to work together help him put into practice new ideas. He finds MS teams to be the most valuable software to him.

Gary McGaghey is not afraid to stand up to challenges. He has sustained a career that has seen many changes throughout the years. His love of working with teams will help him implement necessary changes during the pandemic at Williams Lea Tag.