DroppTV Integrating entertainment and commerce

Technology keeps evolving with time. In the current time, video is an everyday thing. Its evolution has been drastic over time; from silent films to black and white sitcoms to streaming, today, brands have embraced the use of videos as a marketing strategy. It is a way of catching people’s attention.

Commercial breaks have been part of this industry as well. Advertisements during these breaks air. this has been so since the first sitcom. Instagram can tag products in photos, but there are no such platforms for videos. Many had attempted to make such a platform, but no one had succeeded according to the lens of shopatainment.

DroppTV founder and his team combine entertainment and commerce under a common platform not to interrupt the other. this will enable consumers to purchase anything while a video is playing by simply tapping on the item.

DroppTV enables artists and content creators to produce their videos and also connect with their fans. They can also advertise the newest outfit collection for the first shopatainment offering DroppTV has accommodated both contemporary artists in the industry and old ones. Its market has had impressive transactions from brands all around the world.

Music videos are the most common where this strategy is applied, but many more can be absorbed. droppTV has partnered with several fashion brands to give the buyers and consumers a better experience through the ecommerce platform.

Partnership with significant shows will allow Dropptv to show the world the power of shopatainment to retail. Marketplaces are getting flooded. This strategy will enable brands to be up to date with current fashion.

The internet and the availability of mobile phones have allowed people to have maximum access to information. The traditional market only allowed people to choose limited items since it was small. Brands in the current market must give customers a fantastic experience to attract the most from the wide range of needs available.

Combining entertainment, commerce and content, DroppTV has defined the new model of the industry. Just as the other forms of entertainment evolution of videos has been rapid; hence brands have a task to realize the power of videos in their marketing. They ought to make shopping an unforgettable experience to prevent disconnections with customers.

This platform can revolutionize your view of being a customer, whether at an individual or organization level. The joining of ecommerce and entertainment without them colliding allows DroppTV to take the industry to new heights.