Marketing Insights for 2021: Eduardo Sonoda’s Top Marketing Strategy

Marketing is constantly changing and evolving. It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends, let alone predict what will be popular in 2021. That’s why we turned to Eduardo Sonoda, CEO of Eduardo Sonoda Advisory and Marketing Advisor for Forbes Agency Council, for his insights on the top marketing trends for 2021. What he had to say may surprise you.

A major change in the future of marketing is a shift away from traditional advertising. When companies can pay to put their name on billboards and TV ads are numbered, consumers become increasingly savvy to this tactic. Instead, brands will need to provide value through an authentic connection with customers that stands out among other media forms. One such way is to provide exclusive Content.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the death of traditional marketing altogether; it will just need a few tweaks to stay relevant. One such example is mobile ads and billboards that include QR codes and URLs for quick access on smartphones and additional information about products or services that can be accessed with a simple click.

The future of marketing will focus on the customer experience, and companies that don’t adapt to this new form may find themselves quickly falling by the wayside. As Sonoda put it: “If you are not offering anything different or something more than your competitors, then it becomes very difficult for you to survive the market.”

Video Marketing: “I believe video will continue to take a larger share of consumer attention as mobile becomes more prevalent around the world. Brands will need to think about how they can incorporate video into their marketing strategies.”

Immersive Content: “I believe immersive Content (i.e., AR, VR) will continue to grow in popularity as marketers seek new ways of engaging consumers with the brands and products they represent. As technology continues to improve, we’ll see marketers incorporate more and more immersive Content into their marketing strategies.”

Sensory Marketing: “I think that sensory marketing will continue to take a larger share of consumer attention. As consumers are exposed to more and more brands, marketers need to find new ways for consumers to engage with their brand to stand out.”