Thomas Neyhart on His Career at PosiGen

Thomas Neyhart might be one of the best in the biz but he has never let that warp how he sees the world. So what is his secret to staying down to earth in a world that constantly tries to pull him up? Well, he says a big part of it is his parents who would always tell him not to let anything get in the way of his kindness. Thomas Neyhart has carried that with him ever since & it is why he was one of the most liked kids in his HS class. As he prepared to put that life in the rear view mirror, he was excited about the prospect of going to college but did not know which one was the right fit for his needs. 


This is why he took tours of all of the ones he was considering & it was not long before he settled on LSU. He knew it would not be easy to get through but was determined to make it no matter what the cost. So Thomas Neyhart began in the mid 90’s & tried his best to carry over the grades he had in high school. This is where he would get into the honor society & was humbled to be a part of this. 


The successful businessman Thomas Neyhart then had to find a major that would be a good fit for him but he was not sure what he wanted to study in the long term. After he successfully got to his junior year, though, he knew that he wanted to be a business major. So Thomas Neyhart declared it to make it official & this is how he was able to finally earn his degree when the time was right. He did not want to leave the safety of campus but he knew it was time for him to be all that he could be. So he did try & get a career but none of them really gelled with his style. This is why he went on to make a company that was all his own. He then opted to name it PosiGen. 


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