Dave Antrobus Discusses the Effects of Technology and the Pandemic

Dave AtrobusThe Fresh Thinking Group business leader, Dave Antrobus believes his brand can stand as a beacon in the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic. The problems facing the business sector in the wake of the pandemic are plentiful. Before the pandemic, the estimated switch over time for remote workers was several years. The arrival of COVID-19 required brands to adapt to remote working in a matter of days instead of years.

The Fresh Thinking Group has brought technology to several different business sectors. By changing the way each brand considers its work, the brand headed by Dave Antrobus has achieved success through evolution. Antrobus points to studies from all over the world detailing the positivity caused by the switch to remote working, which provides up to 30-percent increases in productivity. Workers have been shows to feel happier and healthier working from home.

Dave Antrobus believes his own experiences at the fresh Thinking Group show how the switch to remote working can be successful. As a brand leader, Dave Antrobus has been forced to reassess his expectations and address the fact his employees will not be available 24/7. Employers are beginning to understand their productivity will be increased as their employees reconnect with their friends and families.

There is a financial aspect to the switch to remote working each brand will see. The Fresh Thinking Group and Dave Antrobus have seen employees enjoy lower costs related to commuting and lunches. Employees have the power to take a more active interest in the lives of their families, with school dropoffs now an important part of an everyday routine.

Dave Antrobus believes employers need to play a more active role in the lives of their employees when they are working from home. Instead of leaving them to their own devices, the fear of isolation and depression will be ever=present and needs to be addressed at management level.