Hauser Private Equity Founders Award

Hauser Private Equity has always emphasized the importance of having proper operational expertise, which will help create and add value to the company portfolio. Through this emphasis, Hauser Private Equity, on October 14, 2021, the Inc. 2021 recognized and rewarded nine fund managers for their track records in their entrepreneurship journey.

After appearing on the list, it confirmed that the entrepreneurs can get trusted in the collaboration where they can receive funds to support their needs in accelerating their businesses growth. It showed they had a successful track record and actively participated in their investments, thus getting the best from them. They well showed how they have partnered with other private equity, thus ensuring the portfolio of their companies keeps on growing day by day.

As part of the managing partners in the Hauser Private equity, Mark Hauser has emphasized the importance of experts sing their operational creation. Doing this adds the value of the partners, thus getting the leaders to become more focused on their flexible solutions in the partnerships.

Mark Hauser founded Hauser Private Equity, and they get based in Cincinnati, where their operating offices run in Los Angeles, California, and Chicago. Formed as private equity fund manager that has the mandate of investing the newly formed to invest from lower, middle-market which can get through partnerships. Mark Hauser says they target partners who are ready to define their targets and make their companies grow in the urge to emanate returns.

The nine investors from the Hauser Private Equity, including Mark Hauser, got awarded the Founder Friendly Investors award. They received this as an aim of helping the funders in ensuring they accelerate the growth in terms of revenue creation in the best ways. For any investment to qualify for the award, it required the existence in the market for at least one-year post-investment.