Learn about the history of Gordonstoun

While most schools prepare students for exams, Gordonstoun prepares and equips them with skills to face life.

Typically, the Gordonstoun curriculum enables the students to attain more than excelling in their academics.

It also encourages them to fulfill what they are capable of as humans.

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Additionally, every student can relate to the school motto, Plus Est En Vous, meaning, “There Is More In You,” a sense presented to the students every day.

Location is one of the aspects to consider when looking for a school for your children.

Gordonstoun sits on a two-hundred-acre estate north of Scotland; thus, you can be sure of a vast ground for outdoor education activities.

At Gordonstoun, students benefit from invaluable experiences in having understanding and compassion for others – and themselves.

Additionally, students learn leadership skills that help them turn to be great team players.

When you choose Gordonstoun, you will be offering your kid a chance to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Dr. Kurt Hahn is the founder of Gordonstoun and is well-known for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which has helped many lives in different countries.

What inspired Dr. Hahn to come up with this award was his commitment to integrity and morality.

Dr. Hahn was born in Berlin and pursued his education at various universities, including Oxford University.

During his education life at Oxford, he admired various facets and features of public schools within Britain.

In partnership with Prince Max, Dr. Hahn ventured into the educational administration world following the end of World War I.

He started with the Salem School, located in Southern Germany but terminated the undertaking after Germany was no longer safe.

Dr. Hahn then moved to Scotland, and with a great passion for shaping young people life’s, established a new school.

This was after receiving financial backing and sponsorship from some local wealthy families. This was how Gordonstoun was established in 1934.

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