Scott Dylan of The Fresh Thinking Group, Tells Entrepreneurs to Take Charge of Their Startups

Scott DylanFor many years, Scott Dylan who doubles as Fresh Thinking Group partner and founder has encouraged entrepreneurs especially those that are new to the field to be proactive in their startups. The investor and longtime mentor is always optimistic on the way young entrepreneurs struggle to make their firms successful. According to Scott Dylan, the Fresh Thinking Group co-founder, every successful company that we now see today, was at one point a crappy and small startup. The company would not be as stable as it may be today were it not be the owner who maintained unquestionable resilience. With experience in managing small businesses to becoming big businesses, Scott Dylan says that it is possible for anyone serious to make their firms huge businesses.

The Fresh Thinking Group partner also observes that over 66% of all the businesses in the world usually fail to continue during the first decade. That means people who have had one form of business for more than ten years need some form of special commendation. These individuals would have tried all the possible means to ensure their businesses thrive even amid weird calamities such as Covid-19. In view of that, Fresh Thinking Group partner, Scott Dylan now says that young and experienced entrepreneurs can learn from those successful businessmen and women to scale their companies higher. In a recent press statement, the Fresh Thinking Group co-founder highlighted some of the pointers that can help young entrepreneurs to take their firms to a greater scale.

Top of the list of the things young entrepreneurs can do to ensure their businesses remain sustainable is to beware of the legalities involved in running a serious business. While breaking down this valuable point, Scott Dylan said, “Every time you think about starting a business, make sure you have all the legal documents needed. Do not start a business from an idea that another company is claiming to have copyright and patent rights. Other things that are involved in this include LLC filings, trademarks, and sales tax filings among other things.” Scott Dylan urged the entrepreneurs to remain vigilant on any loopholes of starting a business and quitting along the way when the business is yet to break even.