Dr.Barry Lall’s Transition To Business Management

Differences exist between the roles performed by a doctor and a hotelier. Firstly to be successful in any of these professions, you have to enroll in specific learning institutions. The doctor will have to enroll in a medical school, and for the better part of his career, will be dealing with patients and other medical professionals. On the other hand, a hotelier is trained in a business school and focuses on serving guests. The evidence further points out that the medical profession is more rewarding and fulfilling than any hotelier profession. However, this is not the case for The Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Hotels, Dr.Barry Lall, whose passion and fulfillment in Hotel Management.

According to Dr.Barry Lall, his decision to work as a hotelier enables him to continue serving human beings and achieve his dream of being a businessman. To Succeed as a hotelier, you have to learn how to take care of your guests well to ensure they have a wonderful experience while at your hotel.

At an early age, Dr.Barry Gained valuable experience and skills while working as a sales agent in his father’s clothing stores in Zambia. At the same time, he was performing his duties at this clothing store that Dr.Barry’s passion and interest in the business world were sparked. One may wonder why Dr.Barry then continued to pursue a profession in medical career. The answer is quite simple, Dr.Barry believed that a medical career would provide him with the necessary job security, which was not present while he was growing up. Moreover, pursuing a professional career allowed him to serve and take care of other human beings.

Once Dr.Barry Graduated from medical school, he diligently diagnosed various ailments and helped make policies that promoted a healthy lifestyle. Despite his success in this career line, Dr.Barry realized that he did not derive any satisfaction and fulfillment from his medical career. It was at this point that the idea of pursuing hotel entrepreneurship was birthed. Later on, Dr.Lall focused on improving his gaining entrepreneurship, which has helped transform many underperforming hotels.

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