Edgard Corona’s Creates SmartFit

Edgard Corona is the founder and CEO of the SmartFit group and Bio Ritmo chain. The SmartFit group started as Bio Ritmo as a single unit in São Paulo in 1996. Initially, Edgard Corona worked at his family-owned sugar mills before completely devoting his time to the gym. Working on his childhood interest in swimming he started a swimming academy to turn over the business to great profits.

He sought advice from various consultants on how to expand his business. He was able to incorporate the ideology of methanoia into his business. The style entailed allowing his employees the ability to express themselves adequately. He also learned from experienced gym owners in the US how to integrate both expansion and quality of services.

He built his business with the concept of offering affordable fees with sophisticated products or gym equipment. The chain of gyms grew from a single unit to 8 units and then to currently 480 units.

Covid-19 pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic affected much business and caused the closure of many businesses which thrived mainly on the physical presence of their clients. Edgard Corona saw fit to try and keep customer retention rates high and reduce cancellation rates by investing in technology. The businessman developed the Smart Fit with the assistance of over 100 developers. The aim was to increase customer satisfaction by ensuring they meet their needs.

The application identifies the most efficient training for each client and directs for specific exercises meant for specific functions. The application then directs them to physical instructors who can assist them in their workouts.

Edgard Corona has made a significant impact on the change of attitude of physical exercise, especially during the pandemic period. This is because most people are adopting a healthy way of living to know more click here.