Kristin Molinaroli and Avant Help Organizations Be Their Best

Avant is a unique, dynamic consulting firm based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have worked with many businesses of different sizes to develop leadership, foster employee growth, and make those organizations winners. Avant’s clients have included Fortune 500 companies.

Avant’s greatest asset is its President, Kristin Molinaroli. Anyone who follows track and field sports knows the name as a world champion runner and athlete. Back in 1997, she beat the women’s record in an 8K race by two seconds. She would echo that top-level performance again and again until in 1999 she was the first woman to win the 8K three times. She won again in 2001. Even then Kris was vitally aware of the role that her coaches and mentors were playing in her triumphs. She has written about that several times. That awareness would foreshadow the career she chose and the company she founded. Kristin has participated in seven USA athletic teams, counting championship teams. Another proof of her early leadership and capability is Nike chose her to sponsor her running career.

While succeeding as a college athlete she earned three degrees, finishing with a PH.D. in Multicultural Psychology, minoring in Statistics. After graduation, she began consulting with NCAA teams and distinct competitors as a sports psychologist. She realized that the tools used to aid athletes could be applied to businesses as well, thus the founding of Avant.

Kristin Molinaroli (aka Kristin Molinaroli Molinari) leads Avant with the firm conviction that the measurable talents and accomplishments of an athlete can be applied to many endeavors in life. The company uses technology and psychology to help compute, verify and hone the performance of employees and business leaders. Kristin Molinaroli is also a member of the Forbes Business Council, an invitation-only org. for effective entrepreneurs and business front-runners.

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