Peter Briger Gives His Shots to Guarantee Success of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger exists as a great California-based financial expert and business leader. The business icon holds an amazing degree from Princeton University. Additionally, he also holds a degree in MBA. Besides being a top business leader, the entrepreneur is also known for his humanitarian work with community-driven activities. The charitable businessman gives back to society through his humanitarian activities. The business leader exercises his leadership skills through his contributions to several community-driven and philanthropic causes. For instance, he appears in the leadership council of Silicon Valley, an organization funding child in the world. Moreover, he works with Foreign Relations to ensure that elected officials and citizens better understand policy issues.

Peter Briger is currently the principal and Co-chairman of BOD at the Fortress Investment Group located in San Francisco. Fortress Investment Group features on the financial radar as one of the world’s most prominent and leading investment management groups. The investment maniac group serves both institutional and private investors and further pumps excess of $65 billion to oversee assets. The business icon has struggled to the top of the asset management ladder, gaining a wonderful experience of over two decades. As the group’s Co-chairman since 2009, Peter Briger led the group through various management operations from 2002. The long learned experience since 2002 has earned him the right to manage the group’s real estate and investment credit fund.

Peter Briger has worked with various entrepreneurial entities to achieve such a decorated profile through a successful business career. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he was one of the partners of Goldman Sachs, where his primary role was to manage operations in several business areas. He was also an active member of a committee in groups such as the Asian Management Committee. At the Fixed Principal Investment Group, he served as the co-head of the firm To know more [email protected]