Dfinity Announces 2022 Plans

DFINITY USADfinity USA and the Dfinity Foundation have announced updates and plans for 2022. One of the biggest is a partnership with Huobi Incubator. The Huobi Incubator is the project development arm of Huobi Global. Through this partnership, Dfinity USA and its Internet Computer will scale up the development of decentralized finance apps and other dapps. For its part, Huobi Incubator will provide start-to-finish support for Web3, non-fungible tokens, social media and metaverse projects. It will also offer guidance on technology development and deployment, engagement with the community and business partners, multi-chain deployment and seed round investments. Huobi Incubator will provide coordination for the Internet Computer’s native asset transfer project, too.

This partnership is the largest for the Internet Computer since its May 2021 Genesis launch. The Internet Computer has grown 368% in the past year. In the first couple of days of February 2022, it handled 30,000 canister smart contracts. More than 1,000 developers are building platforms, tools and dapps on the Internet Computer. The ongoing projects include instant messaging, luxury good marketplaces, play-to-earn games, enterprise solutions, infrastructure and more.

Dfinity USA already partners with Polychain Capital, Fenbushi Capital and Hashkey Capital on other projects under development on the Internet Computer’s vast token-based ecosystem.

In 2021, Dfinity USA launched the Dfinity Foundation. The nonprofit, which has its main office in Switzerland, controls all the funds earned by the Internet Computer. It distributes those funds to educators and developers who work on specific projects. The funds also pay for scholarships and workshops for teaching more people the coding that is used for building platforms, dapps and tools used on the ICP.

DFINITY USADominic Williams founded Dfinity in 2016. He had plenty of experience as an entrepreneur in the technology industry. His background in computer science, theory and programming as well as entrepreneurship and business makes him an ideal leader for this vast project. He set up an ICO and airdropped tokens two years after launching the firm. This generated the initial $200 million in funding now controlled by the Dfinity Foundation. Analysts expect nodes on the Internet Computer to grow by 20% this year.