Steph Korey’s Entrepreneurship Efforts in The Innovative Business Industry.

Steph Korey is an American, professional, successful female entrepreneur and investor. Mrs. Korey spans a successful record in brand building and management. Mrs. Korey started her career as an entrepreneur in 2015 when she co-founded Away, a global retail accessory brand company that is currently worth 1.4 billion dollars. Under Steph Korey’s leadership, Away company has raised over 156 million dollars for the past five years.


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Over the past six years, Mrs. Korey had served as the company’s CEO until 2020, when she left to pursue other options. However, she is still actively involved in helping on the board of directors. Before establishing Away company, Steph Korey worked at Warby Parker, where she was the head of the supply chain. Through her fruitful efforts, Mrs. Korey successfully led the team controlling handling product fulfillment, development, and sourcing.

Steph Korey is a university graduate, having attained two certified degrees, including an MBA and a B. A from Columbia Business School and Brown University, respectively. Through her entrepreneurship successes and efforts, Mrs. Korey has appeared on some global media magazines and companies, such as the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Retail and eCommerce. She is currently based in New York living with her family, a daughter, and husband.

Right before launching Away company, Mrs. Korey and her business partner conducted interviews for eight hundred random people to determine their average travel habits right from packing to the airport. Through her research, Mrs. Korey identified the key points that most people experience by carrying luggage to the airport, including heavy luggage weight, breaking of suitcases and zippers, and paying an extra amount for heavy bags.

After drawing results from her research, Steph Korey met with new manufacturers and two industrial designers in Asia who helped her develop suitcases with stronger zippers and wheels. The Away products have undergone extensive durability testing and have proven extremely strong and effective to their customers.