Rachel A. Gross is a top attorney at the Dean Omar Branham Shirley. At the firm, Rachel helps individuals with Personal injury – Products: Plaintiff. She began her occupation in 2014 after graduating from South Texas College of Law Houston in 2013. Rachel is sharp, fluent, and intelligent. She is compassionate, personable, and approachable. Rachel is always ready to tackle any task at hand, whether it be promoting the firm. She is typically working with a case management system. Rachel is incredibly fair and usually leaves satisfied clients with the intended outcome. She solicits and persuades her partners, consultants, or others to make the necessary workout of your legal case. Rachel is a top lawyer who works day in and out to ensure she serves her client well. Getting Rachel on your side is worth every penny, and you are sure to be satisfied with her end product instead of displeased with miscommunication or inaccurate advice. Nonetheless, Rachel’s work & whole legal system is what justice is all about.

Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP has a wealth of experience.