Luke Lazarus Mission to Rescuing Startup Businesses

Luke Lazarus is a renowned Australian entrepreneur who owns a consulting firm.

He knows the challenges of starting up a business based on his experience.

The biggest challenge is running a competitive business and making good returns.

Lazarus established four businesses at twenty-five years old and operated them successfully despite all odds and challenges.

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He sold them eight years later, made good returns, and retired at thirty-three years old.

However, he found this as an unrealistic and wrong move.

As a result, Lazarus never chose leisure and luxurious life but invested his success in helping the struggling startup businesses.

This idea led to the establishment of Luke Lazarus Consulting Firm in Sydney, which has been in operation for more than twenty years.

Having been in entrepreneurship for a long time, Lazarus developed the heart of an entrepreneur.

He started his first business at eight years old and has thrived since then.

He ran this business until his high school graduation. Lazarus passed so well that many colleges and universities in Australia and the US were ready to admit him.

However, Lazarus joined Melbourne Business School, where he pursued an MBA.

He was so passionate about business startups that he turned down several job offers in favor of his career.

His schooling and vast experience in business taught him that entrepreneurs must fully understand their mission before engaging in highly competitive markets.

He has passed this to most of his clients through his consulting firm.

Luke Lazarus knows that startup businesses never fail due to a lack of effort or passion.

He had met many entrepreneurs working sixteen hours daily to achieve their goals and dreams but ended up falling.

According to Lazarus, the problem is not lack of commitment or talent but an entrepreneur’s blind spot due to the inability to identify that they don’t know how to perform every business function successfully.

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