The University of Boston Was Where Bhanu Choudhrie Obtained His Schooling


In June of 1978, Bhanu Choudhrie was born in the city of Delhi, which is located in India. His father is the businessman Sudhir Choudhrie, who is located in London and has interests in a variety of industries including media, hotel, aviation, health care, and shopping center construction. Anita is the name of the man’s mother.

The elder Choudhrie was presented with the 2013 Asian Business Lifetime Achievement Award by Theresa May, who was serving as home secretary at the time. May is now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

In the year 2000, Bhanu Choudhrie relocated to London.


The University of Boston was where Bhanu Choudhrie obtained his schooling. He majored in both international business and marketing. Additionally, he graduated from the Owner/President Management program offered by the Harvard Business School.

The time that Bhanu Choudhrie spent getting his education at Boston University. The time that Bhanu Choudhrie spent getting an education at Harvard Business School. More photographic examples


The beginning of Bhanu Choudhrie’s professional career began with an internship he completed at JPMorgan Chase & Co. In the year 1999, he was made aware of the new and varied business options that were available in London, and he made the decision to enter the investing industry in that city.

In 2002, he established the C&C Alpha Group. Since that time, he has been in charge of the investing strategy.

CCAG is a private equity firm that is owned and controlled by the same family. The company’s headquarters are located in London, and it also has offices in India. Choudhrie founded the company with the intention of using it as a holding company for a number of experienced venture investors.

Banking, utilities, health care, hotels, aviation, and agriculture are just few of the industries that Choudhrie and his colleagues at CCAG have invested in. Real estate holdings encompass residential, retail, commercial and leisure properties. The company is well-known for its extensive and varied global portfolio, which includes luxury spa resorts in India as well as care homes in the United Kingdom.