Josh Garza: Scaling his Drumming Flair from Bonham’s Technique

It’s common for drummers to cite Bonham as their source of inspiration, but it’s rare to find one that has developed a drumming style out of Bonham’s basic techniques and preferences.

Josh Garza, a drummer of NYC’s Secret Machines, not only look’s up to the legendary drummer Bonham but has also adopted a playing style centered around his iconic signature sound.

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Josh Garza, whose band, NYC’s Secret Machines, recently released their third album, acknowledges Bonham’s craft, and asserts that the highly adored drummer played his drums the same way Hendrix played his guitar.

He has spent more than twenty years practicing and learning Bonham’s distinctive technique and modified it into his own, and his efforts have surely paid off.

He shares some of his drumming secrets and approaches, making it clear that the size of his drums plays a significant role in the outcome and quality of his art.

He uses a Tama kit comprising two 16-inch floor toms with one tuned lower, 28-inch bass drum, and a 14-inch rack tom — the exact size that Bonham preferred.

He says he learned how to tune the big drums from reading about Bonham’s style, where the idol would tune his drums as high as if he were a big-band drummer.

For the kick, Josh Garza tunes the barter tight and high while he sets a loose resonant head that’s filled with juice.

Though his drumming style isn’t an exact replica of Bonham’s, both styles belong to the same drumming school and have a ton of similarities between them.

Garza further adds that one thing that has cultivated his success in his drumming style is his principle of digging deep to find the canon sound and then turning it up with zero anxiety whatsoever.