Bob Kotick, the Activision CEO, Talks About Leadership Amid the Pandemic

Bobby Kotick is an executive at Activision Blizzard, a video game publisher, and developer based in Southern Carolina. He has served as the firm’s CEO since Activision merged with Vivendi Games.

Bobby Kotick, the Activision CEO, has encountered his fair share of challenges amid the pandemic. During a recent appearance, he went ahead to talk about how the team at Activision is dedicated and adjusting to the social distancing guidelines while working from home.

People may assume that the lockdowns in 2020 favored the video games industry since people were spending most of their time indoors. On the contrary, it was not a good time for anyone. Activision noticed an increase in gameplay across different demographics. Bobby Kotick, the Activision CEO, is confident that video games helped to ensure people are safe in the comfort of their homes.

With time, gaming has become a popular social experience. Virtual reality and the metaverse are currently shaping up, and they want to become the modern equivalent of video games.

Activision CEO Talks About Running the Company from Home

Activision Blizzard comprises six units, and Santa Monica, California, serves as the brand’s headquarters. In January 2020, the Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick, noticed an increase in illness in their offices based in China. There was an early indication of everything that would happen. As a result, Bobby Kotick resorted to ensuring the Activision employees were working from home. The firm’s employees were provided with the technology and equipment needed to handle their duties as usual.

As for Activision, the firm was minimally inconvenienced by supply chain disruptions and global shipping since a huge percentage of its business is digital, whereas a small percentage involves physical products. Currently, if you need a game, you can download it or also buy it from a store.

Although Activision was not adversely affected, we can see the importance of good leadership since Bobby Kotick allowed the company’s employees to work from home before the pandemic got out of hand. Read more: