Meet Reeve Benaron; founder, Chairman, and Co-CEO of Intrivo ,a HealthTech company

Reeve Benaron is a successful entrepreneur and business executive with more than 25 years of experience managing companies in Silicon Valley. He has led the growth of numerous technology startups and was instrumental in building Intrivo. Banaron’s long-standing interest in healthcare led him to Intrivo’s mission to provide software solutions that help people improve their health. As co-founder and chairman of AUDIENCEX, Reeve Benaron continues to serve as an advisor and strategic partner for brands looking to leverage data across channels.


CEO of Intrivo


Reeve Benaron is the CEO of Intrivo, a HealthTech company that uses telemedicine to improve the quality of care for patients with chronic conditions. The company has raised $138 million in venture capital funding since 2010. Intrivo is a healthtech company. Reeve Benaron explains that it develops rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases and other conditions. Intending to make effective and affordable diagnostics accessible to all, they develop innovative technologies that enable faster test results.


Intrivo’s mission is to improve public health by enabling the early detection of disease in communities worldwide. Intrivo, a company that provides point-of-care (POC) rapid tests and laboratory services, has launched a new at-home rapid test for coccidioidomycosis (covid). Reeve Benaron recalls how the test is intended to help healthcare providers reduce the number of unnecessary antibiotic treatments given to patients who are not infected with covid.


Reeve Benaron Is Also Co-founder and Chairman of AUDIENCEX


Up to now, you can also find healthcare and business expert Reeve Benaron on the board of a company that helps companies understand their customers (Crunchbase). 


AUDIENCEX has raised $50 million in funding and employs more than 100 people. The company’s mission is simple: to help businesses gain insight into how customers think, feel and act by providing them with data-driven insights about how people interact with brands across digital channels. Reeve Benaron has a strong track record of success across multiple industries and organizations. His most recent work at intrivo shows that he’s ready for more.